How to fix outlook error 0x80040116

How to fix outlook error 0x80040116

Outlook error 0x80040116 is a very common error of outlook which has same issue like outlook error 0x80040119, 0x80040600 etc. Outlook is known with its best features and most of the organizations use this application to send or receive emails but sometime due to missing PST files, system files, system configuration and injection of malicious program it gets damage and stopped working with the error message-
An unknown error has occurs- 0x80040116


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The situation is when you try to send or receive emails from outlook then suddenly it stopped working and an error (0x80040116) appears on the system screen for your guide that something missing with PST file or your system files so in this condition you can’t send emails. You can also not read and delete emails of outlook PST file. You will get the cause and solution of 0x80040116 in the given below paragraph.

Cause of this error:-

Corrupted or damaged pst file is the main cause of outlook error 0x80040116 but apart from this issue there are some other reasons of this problem such as if you are working on the system and using outlook application to send or receive email and suddenly system shut down then in this case pst file gets corrupt or damage, You have recently added a new hardware or software which is not compatible with the system then it may be the cause of this problem. Malicious programs also may be the issue of this trouble because when they inject in the system then they damage system files and also change the setting of the files.

Process to fix outlook error 0x80040116:-

If you want to fix outlook error 0x80040116 then you have to scan the system before performing any activity because it is the common but very useful method or process to solve many types of problems of the system. When you scan the system then malicious programs removed from the system and system files became safe. Now repair pst file with the help of default tool named inbox repair tool which is provided by Microsoft. This tool is also known as scanpst.exe which is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office version\Sacnpst.exe. When you will go to the location and run this tool then you will get a screen with some buttons like start, close, browse etc. Click on Browse button and select the pst file you have to repair and click on Start option. It will take some time and after processing the pst file will be repaired. So now you can try to send or receive emails but sometime this tool doesn’t work properly so in that condition you can use a third party tool.

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