How to fix outlook error 0X80041606?

What is outlook error 0X80041606 and why it occurs?

While working in outlook connected with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and if you are using outlook to search the mailbox for keyword which contains single letter then sometimes you might have received error “No matches found for “keyword” even there are equivalent in keyword in the mailbox. This happens because the Exchange server has a limitation of 200,000 nodes and if the keyword exceeds beyond this default limit then it returns an error message in your windows screen. Outlook error 0X80041606 is a part of event ID 1025. This outlook error is very uncommon for outlook users and it appears rarely in your system but it affects all the versions of outlook similarly.

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What are the symptoms?

When you work on your installed outlook and search a mailbox for the keyword which contains a single letter or word and even there are matches for the keyword in the mailbox then also sometimes you might have received the error message that is

No matches found for “keyword”

And in details you receive this following given below error message:-

“Event ID : 1025
Category : None
Source : MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
Type : Warning
Generated : <date>
Written : <date>
Machine : <computer>
Message : An error occurred on database “<storage group/mailbox database>”.
Function name or description of problem: Content Indexing received an unusual and
unexpect error code from MSSearch
Error: 0X80041606″

How to fix outlook error 0X80041606?

To solve this outlook error is quite complicated so you have to strictly concentrate the given bow steps to fix this error:-
You have to install the Update Rollup 6 to fix this error and after installing the Update Rollup 6 then set the maximum number of query restriction nodes in Exchange server and to work on this follow the given blow steps:-

From the Exchange server 2007 mail box, click on Application log option and from their note that how many times Event ID 1025 appears together with error 0x80041606 created in past month. This information will be work as a baseline to verify that the MaxRestrictionNodes setting reduces or deleted the problem.

  • Then click on start button and in the search box type regedit and then press enter.
  • When the Registry Editor opens then select and click the following key:-
  • Then click on edit option, from their click on new option and then click key option.
  • In the key option, type MaxRestrictionNodes and then press enter.
  • When the MaxRestrictionNodes page opens , click on the edit menu and then clcik on new option and then click DWORD 32-bit value.
  • Type Server in the DWORD 32-bit value and then press enter. This will result in following:-

Key Name: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ExSearch\MaxRestrictionNodes
Value Name: Server
Value Type: REG_DWORD
Value Data: 1000000 (Decimal)

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  • Then close Registry Editor and then start the Microsoft Exchange Search Indexer service.

If you do any mistake while changing setting in Registry Editor then serious problem may occurs in your system that why I suggest you to use third party repair tool. This tool will safely fix this outlook error.

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