How to solve Outlook error 0X800CCC0D cannot locate server

MS Outlook error 0X800CCC0D

MS Outlook is the personal email manager program of worldwide based. The Microsoft Outlook email based program allow to the user to access the email program easily and in an effective way. Its popularity is spread all over the world. We can say it is a client server program. This application program allow to the user to use the email account in a multiple way. A user can send and receive any email message and it has different type of control to manage the user task, like calendar control, task, journal, password and contacts etc, which is use to help the user data for storing purpose. As it is a popular client server program many times this application unable to work effectively. It has many causes like commonly we can found many internal issue of the System or server problem. In this article we can discuss the Microsoft Outlook error 0X800CCC0D.

Symptoms of this Outlook error 0X800CCC0D
When a user try to send or receives any email message may receives the below given error message
The server could not be found. (Account: account name, POP server:’ mail’, Error Number: 0x800ccc0d)

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Main cause of the MS Outlook Error 0X800ccc0d

This error 0X800ccc0d occurs if the email connection is disconnected or physically damage. If the modem is disconnected or network cable is disjoint from the System, it unable to send or receives any email message. Basically this error occurs due to incorrect email setting, incorrect setting of the installed antivirus application, supported files are corrupt inside the system memory, and suddenly close the application and internally corrupt or damage of pop3 server issues. If the user profile is incorrect and if the user PC is protected by the firewall it can’t allow any email program on the server and creates problem when working with this application.

Solution of the MS Outlook Error 0X800ccc0d

As we know from above discussion it is most necessary to use mail manager application it most important of a connected modem connection. If you are using dial up dial up connection, it creates sound when the cable line is disconnected from the modem. You can solve it by using an updated modem driver.
If the user email setting has been changed or incorrect setting it can’t allow to the user to send or receives any email message.

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You can manually disable the firewall setting.

To resolve this problem, disable the antivirus e-mail protection utility as well as the Windows Firewall, to disable the Windows Firewall, follow these steps:
Click on Start and then go to Control panel and choose network connection , right click on the Network Connection and you are using (LAN, or Wireless, or GreenNet Dial-up) and from the Menu list choose Properties and go to Security tab and Switch off Firewall.

You can get solution by creating a new user account and delete the previous created user profile.
You can run the antivirus program to total scan of the System because sometime it creates problem when using MS Outlook.

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