Fix outlook error 0X80004005 easily

Microsoft outlook is the one of the most useful application of the Microsoft which is default included in the MS Office. It provides benefit in sending or receiving emails. The main file of Outlook is PST file which store notes, calendar, contacts, emails, copies of messages etc. It also stores the Microsoft Software such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging. This is a open format which is controlled by Microsoft. This file is also known as personal folder file and if it is functioning as a cache of Outlook Cached exchange Mode then it is called Offline Storage table (.ost). This file is very useful for the system users and especially for those who send or receive emails but like other files or software it also became problematic when occurs the outlook error 0X80004005 during sending or receiving emails. You can receive this error when new e-mail messages arrive in your inbox. The error message is –
Sending and receiving reported error “0X80004005”: The operation failed.

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Cause of outlook error 0X80004005:-

The main cause of outlook error 0X80004005 is that, scripting blocking feature of the Norton Antivirus is enabled. If there are some problems with Local Area Network (LAN) such as signal or connection problem with a network cable. Since it is compulsory that internet connection must available during the sending or receiving emails and there are no issue allowed with the connection so if anything happen wrong then it will occurs this problem and became to unable to send or receive the emails. If you are using wireless connection then there are many things which can become problematic and the cause of this trouble. Such as garage door openers, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens etc.

Indication of outlook error 0X80004005:-

There are no specific indication or symptoms of the outlook error 0X80004005 which can indicate that you are going wrong and you can get the problems but some instructions can prevent you from outlook troubles such as, create a Microsoft Profile in a proper way and fill the all required fields, check the connection, scan the system and kill the virus, worms or other harmful programs, check the incoming and outgoing internet protocol is same or not, before storing the file check that the file should not damage or corrupt and also the size of the file must be less than the PST file. If you are sending the emails then before clicking on the button “Submit” check that all required field are filled correctly or not. If you will follow the instruction then you can escape from troubles of the outlook because prevention is better than cure.

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Fix outlook error 0X80004005:-

If you are facing the problem of outlook and getting the error message of 0X80004005 then it compulsory to fix outlook error 0X80004005 quickly otherwise you can’t access the emails. You can remove this issue by manual processes or by using a PST Repair Tool. Manual processes are given here-

i) Disable the feature Script blocking of Norton Antivirus:-
If Norton Antivirus is installed in your system and the feature name Script Blocking is enabled then it may cause the error so first disable this feature and try to access the emails of the outlook. If you are again getting this message then do the second process.
ii) Disable New-Mail notification:- Sometime this process is very helpful to fix the outlook issues so check it also. Go to the outlook page and click on the menu option “Tools”, E-mail options and click on the check box which has a set of text message as “Click to clear the display a notification message when new mail arrives check box.” Finally two times click on “OK”
iii) Check the internet connection:-
It is the main part of the sending or receiving emails through any mail services such as Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, outlook. You can’t think about the option of sending or receiving emails without network connection. So it is most important to check that is there any issue with the connection or not. Check the cable, router, modem or other parts which are used in the internet connection.
iv) System Scan:-
It is always required to scan the system to protect it from malicious programs because if they attack to the system then they damage the files or the system and also the PST file and its storage. Install the powerful antivirus or PST repair Tool in the system and scan the whole system. It is required to scan the system daily and before using any other external device such as pen drive, adapter card scan them then use.

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If you are a new system user and no more knowledge of outlook and system setting then you can use PST Repair Tool to fix the problems which are related to the damage PST file or its included files.

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