How to solve 0x8004210b error on MS office outlook

Error code 0x8004210b is a general error code generated by the Microsoft office outlook when you are trying to send or receive email. This error code usually means the remote server that stores your emails for instance a work email address, or Gmail or hotmail emails address it takes too long to retrieve some new emails or send any new emails. Normally this error code can appears on the system like that:

“Sending and receiving reported error (0x8004210B): The operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server.”

You know, this error code or message and many other critical malfunctions can arise when the Windows OS becomes loaded with illogical or invalid system references, as well as damaged and deleted registry files or folders. These troubles commonly occur due to a lack of regular computer maintenance. As an operating system of computer gets outdated or older.

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Generally, Microsoft office outlook error code 0x8004210b can occur for a number of reasons, such as programs not installing or uninstalling correctly, malware infections, system conflicts, Active X errors, and the most common, registry setting or files errors. Computer registry errors occur for the constant editing, writing and deleting of any information from your system registry over time as programs are removed, modified and installed.

How to solve 0x8004210b error on MS office outlook

You can fix Microsoft office outlook error code 0x8004210b, either manual ways or automated ways also. Some of the manual ways to fix this error code by the following steps:

You can activate UseInetcommCS registry key, follow these steps:

  1. Close your open Outlook.
  2. Click Start menu, and then click on Run.
  3. After that in the open box, type RegEdit, and then click on OK.
  4. Locate, and then click to choose the following registry key:
  5. After you choose the key that is specified in step 4, point to New on the Edit menu, and then click on the DWORD.
  6. Type UseInetcommCS, and then click on ENTER
  7. Right-click on UseInetcommCS, and then press on Modify
  8. And in the Value data box, type 1, and then click on OK.
  9. On the File menu, click on the Exit to close Registry Editor

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If you want most easy way then you can use third party repair tool. This tool can easily solve or remove this error form your computer without any trouble. It can also very helpful if you are novice in computer.

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